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Updated: Monday, February 18, 2019

Use Corporate Sales Strategies to Sell Your Home
Written By: Blanche Evans

Lets start with Apple and Samsung. Apple distinguished its products by going white when other hardware producers had black or metallic casings. Samsung imitated the success of Apple products by copying their interfaces, then took the inside lane by creating a bigger viewing screen. So what does that have to do with selling a home? Here are three...

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Simple DIY Projects That Will Increase the Value of Your Home
Written By: Damien Justus

Modernize FixturesReplacing outlet covers can cost less than a dollar each, but if they have paint or other things on it, its a good change. While youre at it, consider updating the outlets themselves. For about 25-30 you can buy an outlet that also includes two USB charging ports. With all the smartphones, tablets and other electronic devices l...

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Working With Professional Real Estate Agents
Written By: Saul Klein

License RequiredState licensing law requires anyone acting as a broker or salesperson to first obtain a real estate license this involves taking real estate >Common examples of violations would be a misrepresentation, false advertising, undisclosed dual agency, secret profits, and commingling of client monies.An agent is one who represents anoth...

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HOA Volunteer Pheromones
Written By: Richard Thompson

Develop a communication system.A frequent complaint of members is not being kept informed. To draw out volunteers, itrsquo;s critical that they know whatrsquo;s going on. Also, some members develop a suspicious nature about board motives when kept in the dark. Suspicion breeds volunteer resistance. The board should strive to do business transpar...

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Why You Should Just Say No to FSBO
Written By: Jaymi Naciri

Well therersquo;s an oversimplification. While we await a follow-up sometime NEVER saying the home has been sold, without a Realtor and for asking price, we thought it was a good time to examine again why itrsquo;s not a good idea to try to sell your own home. It just so happens that the National Association of Realtorsrsquo; NAR 2018 Profile of...

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How to Find a Living Space That Works for Your Disability
Written By: Nicole Jones of

According to a US Census Bureau report, 12.6 percent of non-institutionalized Americans were living with a disability in 2015. While your situation is a unique one that requires special attention, you are certainly not alone. However, the average home might not be the right dwelling for you. Instead of staying in a place thatrsquo;s not suited t...

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Can Experian Boost Turn You into a Homebuyer?
Written By: Jaymi Naciri

ldquo;The first thing most lenders look at when you want to buy a home is your credit history. Most people have traditional lines of credit such as credit cards, auto loans or a current mortgage that form a track record of how they manage debt,rdquo; said NerdWallet. ldquo;But if you have no credit history or whatrsquo;s sometimes called a nontr...

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Your VA Loan the Second Time Around
Written By: David Reed

Yet just checking that box isnrsquo;t enough for a lender to verify the applicant is eligible for this special program. Instead, the lender contacts the VA directly the borrower can but it takes too much time and asks for eligibility. This eligibility is verified by receiving a copy of the applicantrsquo;s Certificate of Eligibility.The certific...

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HGTV is Bringing Us a New Breakup-Inspired Design Show, and We Cant Wait
Written By: Jaymi Naciri

ldquo;The share of homebuyers in the U.S. who are single women has been steadily increasing over the last several decades and is now at an all-time high,rdquo; said WTOP. Ralph McLaughlin, chief economist at Veritas Urbis Economics, told WTOP that, ldquo;In the early 1980s, it was about 9 percent. Itrsquo;s about 19 percent now, so almost one-fi...

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Using Independent Contractors
Written By: Benny L Kass

Our legal documents require our Board approve an expenditure before it is incurred. For this reason, I am asking you 1 Do you think that the board should proceed with a legal opinion of our procedure for hiring contractors to work on our Common Element? 2 Can you give us an estimate of the cost that we would incur for you to proceed with this ma...

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Agency Mess Report: Are You Doing Enough?
Written By: PJ Wade

When intent on delivering real estate services rated ldquo;excellent,rdquo; itrsquo;s not only what goes right that counts.How you explain what you do and what clients can expect from you is an essential and valuable part of excellence.What term do you use to describe and define your level of expertise and service delivery? If you donrsquo;t con...

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What to Actually Look for When Buying a House
Written By: Lou Crane

According to studies, 26 of people view their home once before buying it, while 43 viewed the property twice, 21 three times and 11 four or more times, proving that most house buyers feel the need to go back multiple times to make sure the house is right for them.RubberBond have acknowledged how frustrating this can be, and have come up with a f...

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How Color Helps Sell Your Home
Written By: Realty Times Staff

The color scheme of your home, from the outside in, sets the tone. Its like going to see a theatre play and seeing an intricately crafted and appropriately painted set for the production. It can immediately intrigue youndash;before the play has begun and even if you know few details about the play.When it comes to color, be sure to consider the ...

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The Ultimate Guide to Using Ambient Scent to Sell Real Estate
Written By: Air-Scent

For sellers within the residential and commercial real estate industries, clean, fresh smelling air translates into a positive first impression for potential buyers, and Air-Scent, a global leader within the ambient air-care industry, offers many odor control and commercial-grade air freshener solutions to help sellers and realtors transform the...

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How Do You Find a Good HVAC Company?
Written By: Andrew Young

To find the best HVAC company, choose one with a history of positive online reviews, that offers a fast response time with free quotes, and that specializes in HVAC maintenance and repairs.Before you call any heating and cooling contractor to visit your home or office, check out some quick suggestions for choosing the best HVAC company in your a...

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Monday, February 18, 2019

Use Corporate Sales Strategi...
Lets start with Apple and Samsung. Apple distinguished its products by g...

Simple DIY Projects That Wil...
Modernize FixturesReplacing outlet covers can cost less th...

Working With Professional Re...
License RequiredState licensing law requires anyone acting as a...

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