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Updated: Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Three Ways to Successfully Negotiate Realtor Commission
Written By: Ben Mizes

Real estate agents are vital to the sale process. Depending on the circumstances, they can get an average 30 higher sale price than trying to sell your home yourself. Obviously, this makes their help worth it, but if you could pay less for the same service that would be ideal. After all, 6 on a 300,000 home is 18,000 mdash; no small chunk of cha...

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If You Have the Option of Putting More Money Down, Should You?
Written By: David Reed

Many times, this additional cash comes from the sale of a previous residence but of course it doesnrsquo;t have to. While conventional loans do have low down payment options, with a down payment of less than 20 percent of the sales price, private mortgage insurance will be required. Making a down payment of 20 percent or more eliminates the need...

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5 Bathroom Ideas for Your New Home
Written By: Matt Evans

Naught the Pedestal SinkYou should replace the normal and boring sink with a modern-looking one. Likewise, installing some vanity gears would greatly improve the room. Vanities can be easily installed, most include sinks, countertops, and hardware. You may opt to choose natural wood for it to look timeless. Clean lines and cool color, like light...

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Fall Renovations to Try and Why
Written By: Amy Patterson

Here are a few good renovations to make this fall. Come spring, yoursquo;ll be glad you accomplished something with the last warm days of the year.Get Last Minute Repairs Done to Winter Proof Your HomeWinter can take a heavy toll on a house. Snow and ice block things up. Poor insulations makes your furnace work doubly hard, and the sheer cold ca...

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Can Someone Achieve a Perfect Credit Score?
Written By: David Reed

Itrsquo;s possible but in all my years in the industry Irsquo;ve never seen a perfect score. Credit scores, commonly referred to as FICO scores, the acronym for the Fair Isaac Corporation which developed the algorithm, are three digit numbers ranging from 300 to 850. Most conventional loan programs today will approve an application with a credit...

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9 Practical Tips in Handling Plumbing Emergencies
Written By: Violet Smith

Plumbing affects several areas in your home from the bathroom to the kitchen. Plumbing problems can arise suddenly, without warning. While some minor issues are easily fixed, some difficulties can quickly escalate into a major crisis that causes damage to your home. If this isnt taken care of immediately, you can suffer thousands of dollars in ...

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Tips for Selling Your Home in Autumn
Written By: Jeffrey M. Fagan

Autumn traditionally sees a drop the number of homes available for purchase.Less inventory means fewer properties to compete against and more chances for your home to catch a buyerrsquo;s eye. Of course, in even the tightest sellerrsquo;s market itrsquo;s important for sellers to price their home correctly. A home thatrsquo;s overpriced rather t...

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New Appraisal Rule: What Does It Mean for You?
Written By: Jaymi Naciri

So how will this affect home buyers and sellers? First, it should be noted that those homes that do receive the exemption still have to be evaluated ldquo;to provide an estimate of the market value of real estate collateral,rdquo; said Housingwire. ldquo;The agencies state that the evaluation must be lsquo;consistent with safe and sound banking ...

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Trend Alert: Socially Conscious Real Estate on the Rise
Written By: Jaymi Naciri

The pull is stronger among some demographic groups than others, with millennials largely driving the trend. Chief Learning Officer stated that, ldquo;By and large, baby boomers sought workplaces that offered stability and high pay. Millennials, however, have different priorities. Millennials have high expectations for the actions of business whe...

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The Basics of Mortgage Fraud
Written By: Paul Cones

In the interest of protecting the typical consumer, we put together a brief post about the basics of mortgage fraud. If you are buying or selling property, be sure to educate and defend yourself starting with this basic knowledge.What Is Mortgage Fraud?Fraud is deliberate misrepresentation and deception using false facts, information, and figure...

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Improved Canadian Housing Data Helps With Real Estate Decisions
Written By: Jim Adair

Yoursquo;ve probably heard this one before: ldquo;There are three types of lies ndash; lies, damn lies and statistics.rdquo; ndash; attributed to Benjamin Disraeli. Or how about this one: ldquo;Facts are stubborn things, but statistics are pliable.rdquo; ndash; Mark Twain.You would think that compiling housing data would be a fairly straightforw...

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How to Find a Real Estate Agent: A Few Things You Might Not Have Thought Of
Written By: Jaymi Naciri

Their reviewsWe live in an era where you can find as much information as you want about just about anyone, with just a few clicks. Itrsquo;s imperative these days to read reviews, whether yoursquo;re looking for a good air conditioning technician or someone to help you buy or sell what is likely your largest asset. But donrsquo;t just depend on ...

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Effective Social Media Strategies for Realtors
Written By: Ashley Halsey

The results are conclusive: social media is a great tool for real estate agents. However, first agents must understand the ways in which this medium should be harnessed for this particular industry. Herersquo;s all you need to know:Utilize social media demographicsPlatforms such as Facebook have detailed targeting tools which can really help you...

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4 Ways to Save When Selling Your Home
Written By: Ben Mizes

Selling your home can be a thrilling and very lucrative experience. But for the first-time home seller, it can also be nerve-wracking and deflating.nbsp;Thatrsquo;s because selling the largest investment of your life can be counterintuitively expensive. Getting your home ready to be scrutinized by strangers takes a lot of cash and elbow grease.A...

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5 Questions You Should Ask About Senior Apartments
Written By: Aisha Olson

Moving to a retirement residence could be the answer to senior housing thata yoursquo;re looking for. Older seniors who are considering the next stage of their retirement have a lot of reasons to downsize into a retirement residence. Today, housing options like these offer benefits such as:gt;gt; Active living amp; social life>gt;gt; More conven...

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Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Three Ways to Successfully N...
Real estate agents are vital to the sale process. Depending on...

If You Have the Option of Pu...
Many times, this additional cash comes from the sale of a prev...

5 Bathroom Ideas for Your Ne...
Naught the Pedestal SinkYou should replace the normal and borin...

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